what is slicematrix-io(beta)?

SliceMatrix-IO(beta) is a machine learning platform. What makes SliceMatrix-IO(beta) extremely powerful is that IO is designed to get users up and running fast  with a FEW LINES OF PYTHON CODE!

How does it work?

There are 2 core innovative concepts that allows users to build powerful machine learning with minimal code:

1. The Analytical Pipeline(AP) can be thought of as assembly lines of code which can train machine learning models. AP’s are reusable, meaning you can use the same AP to train multiple machine learning models using different input data.

2. The Model
The model are where the real magic happens. After the Pipeline trains a Model, the Model live’s on SliceMatrix-IO(beta)’s machine learning infrastructure in the cloud. That means you can access your model after you create it in a distributed fashion. You can also train models in parallel subject to your usage plan’s request / throttling limits.

use cases

see how easy it is to start machine learning