how does SliceMatrix-IO pricing work?


SliceMatrix offers a monthly subscription to the platform's powerful machine intelligence tools and solutions. With SliceMatrix-IO(beta) access your models 24/7 any where around the world.Choose from 1 of 4 data centers distributed around the world. Why choose one over the other? One word: latency, the closer your programs are to your data center, the faster you will receive responses from SliceMatrix-IO. In the end its all about performance. You can also choose multiple data centers in one subscription.


how to calculate monthly cost?

In this example a trader wants to use SliceMatrix-IO to calculate his/her hedge ratios for a given portfolio.

  1. One (1) initial call per pair to train the model and
  2. One (1) call to get the initial hedge ratio (using the "getState" method)
  3. One (1) call to update the model with every day's new closing prices (using the "update" method).
    • This method will retrain the model with new information in the most optimal fashion and generate a new hedge ratio for the pair.

Assuming 20 trading days per month: 5000 / 22 calls per stock = ~227 stocks per month i.e. you could generate daily hedge ratios for 227 stock symbols for just $24.99 per month!